New Supplier Registration

  • By registering with ENEC, you will be able to outline the products and services your company can provide.
  • If the products and services provided by your company are relevant for any future tenders, the ENEC procurement team may contact you directly with an Expression of Interest (EOI) for you to confirm your interest in participating.
  • By participating in this registration exercise, you acknowledge and agree that ENEC shall have the right to select suppliers at its sole discretion, and shall be under no obligation to provide any explanation or reasons for including or excluding any company.
  • Registering with ENEC does not guarantee an invitation to participate in tender opportunities.

If you would like to register, please download and read the New Supplier Registration Guide which will take you through the registration process.

ENEC Supplier Library:


Potential fraudulent and/or misconduct activities can be reported through one of the whistleblowing channels:

a. Toll Free Hotline by dialing 800 044 138 73 from UAE. For other countries please refer to the list here.

b. E-Mail to

c. Ethics Point on ENEC website by filling up the form,

d. Complain in Writing by downloading the Anti-Fraud and Misconduct Reporting form.


For more information, please visit Ethics point on the ENEC website.